Who are the Stakeholders to keep in mind while Prioritizing Features?

Figure 1: So many Stakeholders ..

1. The Customer

Many software development processes are based on one customer. In this case, it is important to keep in mind that the customer and the end-user(s) are not necessarily the same. The person who prioritises, the customer, might have different priorities than the end-user. If this is the case, it might be better to involve the end-users in the prioritisation process, since they are the ones who know what they need.

2. The Developer

Developers know about the technical difficulties certain features may arise. The developers can estimate how much time the development of a certain feature is going to take, what problems may arise or indicate the risk factors if implementation goes wrong. All of these estimates can, in turn, be used to come up with an estimate of costs for the financial representative.

3. The Financial Representative

The financial representative cares for the budgetary constraints and risks. They make sure no money is spent on features which (at the moment) can not be met. Or if they are worth the trouble. Like it or not, they make sure the project can exist and continue.



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